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Clinical Supervision

Regular clinical supervision is a requirement for those wishing to practise as accredited therapists with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

Sweeney and Farr Associates are able to provide clinical supervision for clinicians undertaking CBT training in order to become accreditable as CBT practitioners.

We also offer clinical supervision for those with an interest in integrating CBT into their practice with people experiencing the types of problems listed in this website. This can be a helpful method for developing skills for health professionals such as general practitioners, occupational health and practice nurses, who may find using CBT within their work beneficial.

Supervision can be provided on an individual basis, or within a group setting.

Advice and Consultation

We offer advice and consultation for the effective management of a range of mental health problems. This involves an initial meeting to assess the main difficulties, and the subsequent development of a management plan and range of CBT-based strategies to address such problems.

This can be accessed by both health professionals and those experiencing emotional problems who wish to obtain a psychological assessment of their difficulties in order to develop a more comprehensive and effective plan to tackle these.

We Offer

Individual Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy to people suffering from a range of mental health problems

We provide individual CBT to people in our offices in the Southwell and Newark area of Nottinghamshire.

An assessment appointment is first arranged and this meeting will last for 90 minutes. During this time a comprehensive understanding of the main difficulties that you are experiencing will be developed and key factors significant in triggering and perpetuating these problems should be clearly pinpointed. The suitability of addressing these problems using CBT will also be determined.

A treatment plan will then be formulated at the beginning of therapy and will outline the expected number of sessions required to resolve the main problems identified. Therapy sessions last for 60 minutes and initially occur on a weekly basis where possible. Although it is obviously difficult to be precise in every case, 8 – 15 sessions of CBT are generally sufficient to resolve the majority of problems that people present for help with.

CBT is a collaborative process and strategies discussed in therapy are best supported by undertaking ‘homework’ assignments in between sessions, to test out the value of such techniques for each client. Written material and information is provided in support of interventions throughout therapy.

The effectiveness of therapy will be collaboratively reviewed throughout the course of treatment to ensure that it is progressing as it should. Our aim is to provide cognitive behaviour therapy that is consistently clinically excellent.

Comprehensive training and education packages

Sweeney and Farr Associates offer training in core Cognitive Behaviour Therapy skills, as well as training in specific interventions for many mental health disorders, including those listed on this website.

We are able to offer a range of training days and CBT focused workshops, for varying levels of experience and expertise. A selection is included below:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – core skills for beginners
  • Understanding and implementing National Institute for Clinical Excellence Guidelines for Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Using CBT Self-Help within a general practice setting

We have provided training within the National Health Service, The Priory Clinic, and to General Practitioners.


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